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Why Get A Dutch Label Shop Sample Pack?

Discover the quality and variety of Dutch Label Shop products with our carefully curated sample pack. Each sample label shows what's possible with beautiful graphics and eye-catching color combinations. These hand-selected samples not only provide inspiration for your unique designs but also offer the chance to test our labels. Apply them to your scrap fabrics and garments, experimenting with shapes, sizes, and folds for your upcoming projects. Your sample pack includes woven labels, care labels, hang tags, iron-on labels, size labels, and more!

What's Inside Your Dutch Label Shop Sample Pack?

 A green Woven Label with centerfold.

Woven Labels

Woven Labels are by far our most popular label, and for good reason! Crafted using techniques that ensure professional, durable labels, they stand out wherever you put them. Customizable with up to twelve colors, they're perfect for text, logos, and icons. Try out some of the most popular shapes and folds, plus sew-on and iron-on options, all included in our sample pack.

Printed Labels

Are your label designs bursting with color? A Printed Label is the answer. In our sample pack you will find labels that give you a taste of what's possible, showing off their ability to capture detailed designs and smooth color gradients. Our printed labels are available in a variety of folds and both sew-on and iron-on applications, making them ideal for any application.

 A white and a black Care Label

Care Labels

Help your customers care for their purchases with clear, informative Custom Care Labels. Find two different care labels in our sample pack to spark your custom design ideas. Care labels don’t have to be boring!

Hang Tags

A must for any retail setup. Whether you are selling items at a market stall or in a high end boutique, a Hang Tag is the first place customers look for pricing information, size, and brand. Our sample pack features two standard hang tags, customizable to match any design.

Cotton Labels

Opt for our most sustainable option with our 100% Cotton Labels. Simple, printed in a single color on a natural base, these labels complement text and minimalistic designs. Over time, the raw edges add a softer, rustic touch. Test out the cotton label in your sample pack by sewing it onto a piece of fabric, giving it a couple of washes, and seeing how they stand the test of time.

 A Size Label S next to a Made In USA Label

Pre-Made Labels

Dutch Label Shop offers a range of Pre-Made Labels that include size labels, made-in labels, content labels and other frequently used labels that we have stocked and ready to ship out. Check out a snippet of our selection in the sample pack.

Woven Stickers

Our custom Woven Stickers are designed for solid surfaces and will turn any plain space into a branded statement. In the sample pack, we have included the tricolored hexagon, showcasing the versatility of these stickers in shape, size, and color.

Woven Patches

Perfect for uniforms and personalizing your products, our Woven Patches offer versatility for a wide range of uses. In our sample pack, you will find a sew-on woven patch with a merrow edge. If sewing isn't your thing, you can select from five different application methods and two edge finishings to tailor your custom patches to perfection.