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Brand Labels

Brand Labels

Pride and Perfection

From tees to sofa covers, there’s pride in every product. Small-batch creators of high-quality products deserve recognition. Put the perfect finishing touch on your beautiful work with one of our Brand Labels.

Like an artist’s signature, our precision-woven Brand Labels give identity to your work. Use our design tool to create a Basic Label, or upload your logo for a fully customizable Logo Label. You’ll have a label that’s uniquely yours, in quantities as small as 30 pieces. 

  • 30 labels $ 17
  • Type your text and choose a font
  • Pick your label and text color
  • Make it personal with a symbol or frame

Your products are high-quality, artisanal, and unique. Our Basic Woven Labels show off your creativity and hard work with a perfect finishing touch: your signature.

Choose among an array of vivid colors, stylized fonts, and texts. Select a border or symbol for added personalization. Our Basic Woven Labels come in three standard sizes, with just a 30-label minimum order. 

Set your brand apart, and order here.
  • 5 labels $ 20
  • Your logo on a label in any size or shape
  • Select up to 6 different Pantone C colors
  • Expert review and support for each order

Our Woven Labels weave your artwork into a design that’s customized, intuitive, and exclusive to your brand.

First, upload an image of your logo, and then select your size and shape: laser-cut or folded. Next, select your colors among every shade imaginable. Our graphic designer will verify its proportions and make any necessary adjustments to ensure unmatched quality. Orders begin at a minimum quantity of just 100 labels.

Make your brand distinct—order here.

  • Aloha Iro Design sewing label
  • AngieLaine sew on label
  • BBT personalized label
  • Brendan J Murphy garment label
  • Buti fabric label
  • Change Through Designs fabric label
  • Chavous woven label
  • Clips by Alejandra Squires sew on label
  • collars by reed fabric label
  • debbie kikuchi fabric label
  • degranchis personalized label
  • designs by carmela fabric label
  • Di Mamma fabric label
  • dirty fabric label
  • Eberlestock garment label
  • ella chamberlin woven label
  • Established date woven label
  • Estrella's Touch woven label
  • Fancy Little Dogs sewing label
  • Fuzion Accesories woven label
  • Heartern Hand Knits sew on label
  • jason matthew fabric label
  • JB Design fabric label
  • la la livia woven label
  • lindsay pinsy woven label
  • Logo white on red garment label
  • MacBeanie garment label
  • Mareluna fabric label
  • material content woven label
  • morelanddesigns fabric label
  • moustache logo fabric label
  • my grammie made it for me woven label
  • my sister sings personalized label
  • naomi bryan fabric label
  • One God One Church garmnet label
  • Orange icon logo sewing label
  • Oversquare sew on label
  • Personal Advisory clothing label
  • Personalized woven label with date and name
  • Pilots Paws sew on label
  • Reiki On! woven label
  • Rock Shox sew on label
  • Safetycuffs garment label
  • sassy sleeves woven label
  • Sew 4 Jesus woven label
  • sew fun by helen fabric label
  • simplyeartha fabric label
  • slow woven label
  • sophisticated pooch garment label
  • speak_dressel garmnet label
  • Styledwel sewing label
  • Sugar Sandwich sewing label
  • The Michael Mallory Collection clothing label
  • the pouch fabric label
  • Tina Gorman pink on white clothing label
  • tomato envy woven label
  • wildflower leather woven label
  • Pashmina fabric label

Whats the difference between custom labels and special labels?

Basic Woven Labels


Personalized Clothing Tags

Woven Logo Labels


Custom Fabric Labels
Real Woven, not embroidered
Delivered in individual pieces
100% Polyester
Wash in all temperatures
Iron on (optional)
Different sizes
Folded options
Own logo required
Expert design review
Choose from >1,000 symbols
Max # colors per label 2 6
# Colors to choose from 19 500
Minimum size Min: 2.4" x 0.6" Min: 0.4" x 0.4"
Maximum size Max: 2.7" x 0.9" Max: 7.9" x 7.9"
Minimum order quantity 30 5
Prices starting at $ 17 $ 20
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Brand Labels

Catch your customer’s eye with a label that fits your design.

Basic Brand Labels

Showcase your logo and make it a staple on all of your items. Build your unique logo label by choosing among a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes.

Logo Brand Labels

Turn your logo into your label and make it a staple on all your items. Choose from a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes—and show it off to the world!