Custom Hem Tags Provides The Perfect Finishing Touch

Custom Hem Tags Provides The Perfect Finishing Touch

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Custom Hem Tags To Brand Your Work

What is a Hem Tag?

Have you ever seen a small folded square at the bottom of the shirt, sleeve, side seam, or neckline of a garment? Then you're likely looking at a hem tag. Hem tags are fantastic for branding your clothes in a clean and simple way. Hem tags are also great for adding to various items like toys, pillows, yoga mats, bags, and other items. They're a great addition to a label suite or a nice addition on their own.

Why Should I Use Hem Tags?

Hem tags are one of the newest and most fashionable ways designers are using labels to make a statement and allow their work to stand out in new and interesting ways. Hem tags are an easy and subtle way you can elevate your own work and add your own personal brand where everyone can see it, whether it's along the bottom hem, the sleeve of your shirt, or the neckline. For a stylish and impactful addition to your designs, consider exploring our custom neck tags. These tags offer a unique way to showcase your personal brand and make a statement with every creation.

What Size Hem Tag Should I Use?

The standard size for hem tags is usually a 1"x2" with a horizontal centerfold in the middle. When folded, the tag measures 1"x1", making a square shape that is small and concise, and makes a great addition to any garment or object that can have a tag attached.

How Is A Hem Tag Attached To A Garment?

Hem tags can be attached in a number of days, depending on your chosen placement. If your hem tag is placed over a waist or sleeve hem and the garment is sandwiched between the tag, it can be stitched with a sewing machine or by hand across the top. Just make sure to catch the back side of the label at the same time. Another use for hem tags are poking out of a side seam of a pair of pants, skirt, t-shirt, or sweater. This can be placed into the garment just before the side seam is closed, making sure the label is facing outwards.

Should My Hem Tag Be Woven or Printed?

When deciding on whether you want your hem tag to be made using a custom woven label or a custom printed label, there are a few factors to consider. Our customer service team is always available to help you pick the right type of label for your hem tags. You will most likely want to use a custom woven label when ordering a hem tag, but there are a few deciding factors that may lead you to use a custom printed label instead, including:

  • Colors: If you are using twelve or less colors in your design, you should use a woven label when ordering a hem tag. If you are using more than twelve colors, you should use a custom printed label.
  • Quality: Custom woven labels have a higher quality finish and durability than a custom printed label.
  • Gradients: If your label uses gradients, you will want to use a custom printed label. If no gradients are used, a custom woven label is your best bet.
  • Intricate Design & Small Print: If your design takes advantage of a very intricate design or very small print with a lot of detail, a custom printed label may be the way to go.

Some Examples Of Where You Will Find Custom Hem Tags

There are a range of ways you can use hem tags to increase your visibility and branding. A small hem tag is the perfect size for your logo, making it a great way to subtly get your branding on the outside of a garment. Some examples of this are:

  • Sewn over t-shirt sleeve hem
  • Sewn over the waistband hem of a t-shirt, shirt, or top
  • Attached to the cuff of your shorts
  • Sticking out of the side seam of a t-shirt or top
  • Sewn onto the cuff of a knitted hat

Want to order custom hem tags in bulk at wholesale prices? Or just want to know more? Contact Customer Support or check out our Product Tips section.

Any Questions? Need Some Help?

If you need any help along the way, our dedicated support team is here for you.

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