Your Pieces Deserve To Look Their Best with Quilt Labels

Your Pieces Deserve To Look Their Best with Quilt Labels

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Beautiful Quilt Labels Made Easy

Add the Perfect Finishing Touch To Your Quilting Project

You've put love and care into creating a beautiful quilt, now add your signature to the piece with a personalized quilt label. Whether you’re in need of a care label to ensure your quilt gets the love it deserves when washed, or you're looking for custom quilt label design tools to add your personalized stamp to your quilt, we've got you covered. And if you're looking for something for your next project, we also have t-shirt labels, laundry labels, and more!

Find The Right Quilting Label Option

We pride ourselves on quality. Our damask custom Quilt labels are made of 100% polyester thread and woven on Jacquard looms to provide the highest level of detail and quality, and are the perfect accompanying piece to a quilt project. Our personalized Quilt Labels come in various sizes, too, ensuring you can find the right size to compliment your quilt.

Create Something You Can Pass Down

Personalized Quilt Labels are a great way to preserve the history, legacy, and heritage of the quilts you are creating. With a custom label, future generations will be able to easily and quickly identify who created the quilt, along with any other details you want to share, such as the quilt's recipient, when it was made, the occasion for its creation, and so much more. We know you've put hard work into creating your quilts, so we wish to make the label process as easy as possible. Using our design tools, you can create a fabric label that is every bit as personalized as you and your quilt. Whether you already have a design that you're ready to upload or are looking for inspiration, we have the tools you need to create the fabric label, or iron-on label for your sewing projects. Moreover, consider our name labels and clothing price tags.

Ways to Use Custom Quilting Labels

You've put so much care into every piece and stitch that makes up your quilt. Show that same care by creating a personalized Quilting Label to compliment your creation. Here are some ways we've seen people use quilting labels on their projects:

  • Branding logos for retail or wholesale
  • Quilt maker's name for gifts, fundraisers, or charity
  • Care instructions to ensure the quilt's longevity
  • Name of quiltmaker and year of completion for preservation
  • Occasion for making the quilt
  • And more!

Quilt Label FAQs

Where Do You Put A Quilt Label?

We prefer to add our labels to our quilts before we start hand-stitching our quilt bottom. Once we've machine-stitched the quilt top we get our label ready to add to the quilt. First, we place the label on one of the corners on the quilt back (the lower left is a favorite spot). Once we've lined up the label with the quilt edges, we pin it into place and then add our custom woven quilted label.

What Do You Say On A Quilt Label?

The quilt label is a great place to add information about the quilt itself, the quilter, and any other heritage or care information that may be important. The great thing about a custom woven quilt label is that you can put whatever information you like on the label. Common information you may find on custom woven labels includes:

  • Quiltmaker's name
  • Quilt's name
  • Quilt design type
  • Year quilt was made
  • Location where quilt was made
  • Quilt recipient's name
  • Quilt creation occasion
  • Personalized message
  • Special care instructions
  • and more!

Where Does A Quilt Label Go?

Traditionally, the quilt label is added by hand sewing the label to the back of the quilt once the quilt is finished and bound. A great time to add the label is after the quilt. The top has been machine sewn, but before doing hand-sewn finishing to the back of the quilt. If you worry about a label being removed from your quilt, you can attach it through the backing fabric of the quilt and sew it right through, to make removal more difficult.

How Do You Label A Finished Quilt?

Once your quilt is finished, along the hem of the back of the quilt or in a corner of the quilt, depending on the shape and size of your label, you can hand stitch or machine stitch your label on. If you decide on a more triangular label for a corner, a label can also be great for adding a secret pocket to your quilt's back.

How Do You Make A Triangle Quilt Label?

A popular method for creating a triangle quilt label is to take a square label then fold it diagonally down the middle, creating a triangle shape that can be used as a label in the corner of the quilt. Dutch Label Shop makes it even easier to make the triangle quilt label of your dreams with our woven labels that are made to order with custom shapes and sizes. While ordering, you can let us know what shape and size you are looking for, and our team of label experts is ready and waiting to help you with any special request.

Any Questions? Need Some Help?

If you need any help along the way, our dedicated support team is here for you.

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