Custom Woven Stickers Look & Feel Great

Custom Woven Stickers Look & Feel Great

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Starting at $20 for 5 Woven Stickers

Our most popular product as a sticker! Get started with custom woven stickers —whether you need a few dozen, or a few thousand.

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Make An Impression with Custom Woven Stickers

What Are Woven Stickers?

 Woven Stickers stuck to a laptop.

While most stickers are fairly flat, a woven sticker adds texture and personality to the sticker game. Our woven stickers are created using a loom, just like our Woven Labels and Woven Patches. A 3M double-sided adhesive backing is then added, to make sure your woven stickers actually stick where they're supposed to and look great at the same time. If you're interested in exploring more options for adhesive textile products, check out our collection of stick-on patches.

How Do I Create My Woven Stickers?

It's quick and simple to order your custom Woven Stickers with DLS. Simply upload your own design using our online woven sticker uploader tool and bring your design to life in a matter of minutes.

What Are Some Woven Sticker Design Recommendations?

 A Woven Sticker stuck to a mobile phone and a laptop.

When designing your custom woven stickers, we have a few design recommendations and guidelines:

  • Use twelve or fewer colors and no gradients: Because our stickers are woven using a jacquard loom, we have to limit the number of thread colors to twelve or less, and avoid using gradients. For most uploaded designs, this is not a problem. Our customer support team is always ready to help if you're unsure if your design meets these parameters
  • Try to have a contrast between background colors and design colors: As a rule of thumb, we recommend either a light-on-dark or dark-on-light color scheme to ensure that your design is easy to read and looks appealing.
  • Create your own uniquely shaped stickers: A lot of a sticker's personality comes from its shape; that's why we offer the option to laser cut your sticker into any shape besides a rectangle. Whether you're looking for an oval, a flower, or some other shape, we will work to try to create your ideal custom-shaped woven sticker.

What Are Some Ways To Use Custom Woven Stickers

 Woven Stickers with a brand logo applied to a card board box.

Woven stickers have so many awesome applications. Here are just a few ways you can stick out with woven stickers:

Woven Laptop Stickers for Tech & Startups

Whether in the workplace, a coffee shop, school, or at home, most of us have seen laptop stickers. Laptop stickers are great for adding personality to laptops, tablets, and other devices. Woven laptop stickers are a great way to really stick out on a device already crowded with stickers, or to create a more minimalist and subtle impact by being the only laptop sticker on a device. Woven laptop stickers are great for everyone from tech firms and startups to digital marketing and SEO agencies, to gamers and e-sports fanatics, and everything in between.

Woven Name Stickers for Schools, Nursing, and Home Organization

A woven sticker is a great way to label items that need name labels. Whether you want a woven name sticker for your child's lunchbox, to label patient items in a nursing home or hospital, or want to superpower your home organization by labeling bins and drawers, woven name stickers are the perfect way to easily label items.

Woven Gift Stickers for Memorable Occasions

When you're taping that wrapping paper or sealing the tissue paper in your gift bags, add a great creative touch with a woven gift sticker. Woven gift stickers are a great choice for party favors for weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, birthdays, reunions, and other special occasions where you really want to leave a great impact.

Fun Woven Stickers to Entertain Children

Kids love stickers. With woven stickers, you can create unique stickers that children will love. Woven stickers are a great addition to the classroom or a caretaker's own personal stash of items to keep kids entertained. Woven stickers can be great as a fun reward or to use for things like chore charts, assignments, and other places where a sticker adds to the fun.

Woven Branding Stickers for Amazing Customer Experience

When packaging items to ship or wrapping an item up after it has been purchased in-person, it's always great to add personal touches that will make your merchandise even more memorable. A woven branding sticker is a great cherry on top of your branding efforts. Woven branding stickers are also great to add to any purchase a customer might make too; your customer might love their woven branding sticker so much, they might stick it on a device or other item, further spreading brand awareness for your products!

What's So Great About Woven Stickers?

There are plenty of ways to use custom woven stickers, but no matter how you use them, they're an awesome addition to almost any project, branding initiative, or personalization. Custom woven stickers have a look that is high quality and classy, making them stick out next to any other sticker and look great at the same time. You've invested a lot in your devices, give them the premium decals and stickers they deserve with a custom woven sticker. Not only do these stickers look great, but they feel great too. Custom woven stickers are produced on professional looms, giving them a soft feel. Go ahead, we dare you not to want to touch them when you're opening your laptop.

What Are the Woven Sticker Specifications

Our custom woven stickers are created with precision and skill using the same high-quality process that is used by professional retailers and designers when crafting woven clothing and accessory labels. When you purchase woven laptop stickers, you are receiving a high-quality product with the following features:

  • 100, 75, or 50 denier thread for capturing minute design details
  • Laser-cut for quality and any custom shape you can imagine
  • Securely welded edges that are resistant to fraying
  • Professionally dyed yarns that prevent color bleeding or fading
  • Intricately woven using a Damask Weave to ensure longevity
  • Adhesive backing that will secure your woven laptop sticker to your devices

Not seeing an option you need, or want to know more? Contact Customer Support or check out our Product Tips section.

Starting at $20 for 5 Woven Stickers

Our most popular product as a sticker! Get started with custom woven stickers —whether you need a few dozen, or a few thousand.

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