Woven Jeans Labels That Give Your Denim Work The Professional Finishing Touch

Woven Jeans Labels That Give Your Denim Work The Professional Finishing Touch

Create A Woven Jeans Label That is Uniquely Yours

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Have a truly original design challenge? Just need a few clothing labels or tags, or maybe thousands? Whatever your order, we’ve got you covered.

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From design to support to delivery, we aim to exceed every expectation.

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Jeans Labels That Feel As Comfortable as Denim

It's all about the material, the fabric, the quality from start to finish. That's why it's so important to have the right custom jeans label to perfectly accentuate your latest denim project. We use the highest quality standards when creating our jeans label so they look great, feel great, and are built to last, just like the denim projects on which they're attached.

Amazing Quality Jeans Labels

We're dedicated to making superior custom jeans labels that look great and feel great. We produce only the highest quality jeans labels, professionally produced with the precision and care your denim projects deserve. Every bespoke jeans label is carefully woven using industry-standard 100% polyester thread on Jacquard looms, giving our labels the kind of professional finish that looks and feels good inside or outside any denim project. Our labels are designed to last countless washes, whether it's a designer jeans label, a size label, a care label, hang tags, or a woven label.

Make Your Denim Your Own With Jeans Labels

Labels and jeans go together like peanut butter and jelly, or cookies and milk, or other pairs that also make us hungry. When you think of jeans, there is always that iconic jeans label on the back waistband. And whether you're upcycling a pair of vintage jeans or created your own denim project, jeans aren't complete without a custom brand jeans label. It's not just about that label in the back, of course. There are all those other inside labels to think about: sizes and care and everything in between. But no denim project is really complete without a custom woven jeans label.

Why a Jeans Labels Is Crucial To Showcasing Your Denim

Labels are a big part of showcasing the pedigree and quality of your jeans. Some ways that you can use our jeans label products to highlight your jeans and create a better experience for your customer include:

  • Made-In Labels: Country of origin is a major part of any clothing journey, but for the jeans journey, it's even more crucial. Denimheads are always looking to see where their jeans came from, and our beautiful Made-In Labels are a great way to let them know!
  • Brand Jeans Labels: You will want to get two jeans labels showcasing your brand: a flat one for the outside and we recommend an end-fold label for the inside. Denimheads will search for these two labels when looking at jeans.
  • Size Labels: While most clothing might suffice with a S/M/L marker or a single/double digit size (like 2 or 12), most jeans buyers are looking for the waist size, so be sure that when you're buying jeans size labels you are accounting for the waist size. You will want to place this underneath the brand label you place on the inside of the jeans.
  • Denim Care Labels: Finally, everyone wants to ensure the longevity of their items. A great way to do this with jeans is to include a denim care label on the inside of the jeans.

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