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Care Labels

Care Labels

Help them treat it right

Whether delicate or bold, vivid or lacy, your creations are crafted with heart. Our Care Labels make sure your customers treat them with compassion.

Use our simple design tool to spell out detailed washing and drying instructions for your customers. Write up to seven lines of black, red, or blue text and symbols—even throw in a bit of humor. We print them on durable white polyester labels, with a 30-label minimum.

Make product care functional and fun. 

  • 30 labels $17.00
  • Make it yours with a brand name and slogan
  • Prevent wear and tear with the right care symbols
  • Tell buyers about your product

You put hard work into your products. Now, tell your clients how it was done. Where was it made, and what is it made of? Include any basic or specialized instructions for taking proper care of your products.

Ensure that your skillfully crafted products are treated with the care and respect they deserve.  

  • Made in India care clothing label
  • Made in USA care clothing label
  • Pawsie Pillow care label with icons
  • Puppy Interior care garment label
  • Rosie's Creations care clothing label

Care Labels: Help Them Treat it Right