Get Custom Hanging Gift Tags & Create an Experience

Get Custom Hanging Gift Tags & Create an Experience

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What is a Customized Hanging Gift Tag?

We are all familiar with the gift tags we see in stores that hang off the sides of gift bags, boxes, and packages. A customized hanging gift tag has the functionality of those tags, but is personally made with beautiful hang tag card stock, and can easily and stylishly add a personalized touch to whatever objects you're gifting, whether it's a small occasion and you want to have a supply of tags for all your gift-giving needs, or you're planning an event that requires a large quantity of gift bags. If you're looking to add an extra layer to any sort of fabric gift bag or other similar items, you may also want to supplement with a personalized printed clothing label, too.

How Do I Create Personalized Printed Gift Tags?

When designing a personalized gift tag with Dutch Label Shop we offer two options. The first is to design your gift tag online using our online printed gift tag designer tool. You can also upload your own hanging gift tag using our gift tag uploader tool. Not only do you have a variety of ways to personalize your printed gift tag's design and aesthetic, but we also offer a few finishing touches. If you're looking for a printed gift tag with string, you can add that to your order. We currently offer black and white strings that we will attach to the custom gift labels directly for you!

What Are Some Ideas For Crafting a Personalized Gift Tag?

A personalized gift tag is a great way to add your own personality and finishing touch to the gifts you are giving. Whether it's a certain font or letter type you favor, a quote or message that is uniquely you, an icon or logo that will make people instantly think of you, there are so many ways that you can personalize the printed gift tag design to something that truly represents you, your brand, and your gift-giving style. You can also add a blank line onto your personalized gift tag, too, where you can write a person's name, the date or occasion of the gift, or another unique handwritten flourish to accent the beautiful printed design of your hanging gift tag.

Personalization doesn't just have to end with the design of the tag either. The method of applying your gift tag can also be something that sets your personalized gift tags apart. There are so many fun ways you can apply a custom gift label to a gift, including a festive ribbon, fun decorative tape, twine, string, and so much more! Dutch Label Shop offers black and white string options when you order, which we'll attach to the gift tags for you, saving you time and energy! We also see a lot of amazing gift labels use the same design principles that are used when creating a hang tag design template.

What Size Should I Make My Gift Tags?

The size of your gift tags is all dependent on you and your gifting needs. The standard size we see and that we recommend is 4cm x 9cm | 1.5" x 3.5". This size of a gift label is something that won't overwhelm the gift, but will still stand out and can easily contain your gift tag message. We consider this the perfect size, between a large gift tag and a small gift tag. If you need a different sort of sizing, you can reach out to our experienced customer service team to see how we can get you the perfectly sized large gift tag or mini gift tag.

How Do I Design A Gift Tag?

We offer great options to make designing a gift tag for you simple, whether you've been sitting on a gift tag design for a while, or want to design one from scratch:

  • Upload A Gift Tag Design: If you've already created a gift tag design, you can simply upload it using our simple uploader tool.
  • Design A Gift Tag Online: If you are still figuring out how you want your gift tag to look, we offer an online gift tag designer, with various fonts, colors, and symbols to choose from to personalize the gift label to your specifications

What Are the Different Uses for Hanging Gift Tags?

Hanging gift tags are a great choice for a number of occasions.

  • Birthday gift tags
  • Christmas gift tags
  • Hannukah gift tags
  • Corporate gift tags
  • Branded gift tags
  • Thank you gift tags
  • Wedding gift tags
  • Housewarming gift tags
  • Party Favors gift tags
  • Graduation gift tags
  • Baby Shower gift tags
  • Bridal Shower gift tags
  • Class reunion gift tags
  • & so much more!

Any Questions? Need Some Help?

If you need any help along the way, our dedicated support team is here for you.

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