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Sustainability and Style
Sustainability and fashion is a hot topic these days. Learn the basics of how sustainability and fashion go together and how you can bring more sustainability to your fashion choices.
By Gionna Kinchen  2021-01-07
Fashion & Trends
In Celebration Of Socks
This National Sock Day we give some recognition to the little guys. Dress socks, sports socks, novelty socks, or grandpa socks, we like 'em all.
By Nicole Barrance 2020-12-04
Insights & Inspiration
Feast Of Fabrics
With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we have a few fabric suggestions for your autumn tablescapes and quick tips on how to pull together a pinterest-worthy dining table.
By Nicole Barrance 2020-11-26
Insights & Inspiration
Creating a Brand Style Guide
This article looks into what conceptualizing and ideating design can look like in its early stages. A tiny dog named Redginold starts a vintage recreation clothing brand, and we follow him in his first steps towards turning his brand into a reality!
By Matty Vukonich 2020-11-19
Insights & Inspiration
Sewing Horror Stories
Our good friend Evelyn Wood presents you with some of her favourite spooky, strange, and scary stories telling of harrowing Halloween haberdashery horror!
By Evelyn Wood  2020-10-30
Tips & Tricks
Flannel Tips, Tricks, and Uses
What is flannel? Learn about what flannel is made of, how to pick out flannel fabric, how to sew with flannel, and how to care for flannel.
By Melissa Rodier 2020-10-23
Fashion & Trends
Get To Know The Dirndl This Oktoberfest
The dirndl is the traditional German dress associated for many with Oktoberfest. Learn more about the history of this German outfit and what exactly makes a dirndl a dirndl.
By Nicole Barrance 2020-10-15
Fashion & Trends
How To Make A Face Mask
Make your own face mask with a filter pocket, nose wire pocket, and a personalized label. Pattern for face mask included!
By Carmen Cheung 2020-09-17
Insights & Inspiration
The 6 Paneled Crown
From Hank Aaron to Mickey Mantle to Jay-Z, the 59Fifty hat has become an iconic symbol on and off the baseball diamond.
By Albert Broomer 2020-09-15
Insights & Inspiration
A Stitch In Time: Sewing & the Evolution of Labor
The history of sewing is the history of labor practices, reform, and change that we see everyday around the world. Explore that history from the outworkers of the 18th century up to the upcyclers of the 21st century.
By Amanda Driggs  2020-09-03