Get Custom Hang Tags & Show Off Your Brand

Get Custom Hang Tags & Show Off Your Brand

Stand Out From All The Way Across The Sales Floor

Make It Yours With Custom Printed Hang Tags For Clothing

Add your own branding to the garments you create with a personalized hang tag design. Dutch Label Shop allows you to tailor your hang tag design to match the look and feel of each item, or create a one-of-a-kind hang tag that will ensure your items stand out on the shop floor! Whichever approach you choose, Dutch Label Shop makes it quick and easy to create the perfect hanging label.

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Receive Photo Proof and request adjustments until perfect.


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Hang Tags of Retail Brand Quality


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Inspiring Customer Projects

Check out the different types of clothing hang tags and other products our customers have made to get inspired for your next project!

Create Your Personalized Hang Tags In A Few Simple Steps

Step 1: Create or upload your own custom hanging label design

Dutch Label Shop offers a series of online tools to design or create your very own custom hang tags for clothing. You can upload your own images, designs, and logos - or build it right on our site.

If you already have a clothing hang tag design ready to go, simply click "Upload Your Design" at the top of this page to upload your design to our Hanging Label Uploader in .psd, .jpg, or .png format. Make sure any designs you upload are high-quality images; this will help create a crisp & flawless print.

If you don't have a design yet, click "Design Online" to use our Online Hang Tag Designer Tool and create your very own custom hanging tags from scratch. You'll be able to customize the text, font, colors, and choose a symbol if you'd like.

Step 2: Do you need a cord?

Decide whether you'd like cord with your hanging labels - in which case, we will pre-thread your tags with cord for you, which is quite a laborious process! Alternatively, you can of course source your cord and thread the tags yourself.

Step 3: Complete your order

Lastly, pick how many swing tags you would like to order and add your custom hang tags to your cart. Don't forget to add in any other types of clothing labels you may need, such as woven labels, care labels, printed labels, or woven patches so that everything arrives together when you need it.

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Starting at $17 for 30 Custom Hang Tags

Make your products stand out with vibrant, industry standard hang tags!

Hang Tag Product Specifications

At Dutch Label Shop, you can order the best hang tags available.

The specifications of our hang tags are:

  • Dimensions: 3.5 " x 1.5 " (9 cm x 4 cm)
  • Print quality: Digitally printed at 300 dpi in full color
  • Material: High-quality 280 gsm Bristol board
  • Punch hole: All hang tags come with a punch hole included for cord attachment
  • Cords: Choose from black or white cord. Cords can be ordered through Dutch Label Shop or independently. When cords are ordered from Dutch Label Shop, we attach them to your hang tags ourselves, saving you a lot of time and energy.
  • Coming soon: Die cuts!

Not seeing an option you need, or want to know more? Contact Customer Support or check out our Product Tips section.

Use Your Custom Swing Tags In All Kinds Of Ways!

A custom hang tag is a great way to display important information about your product, take your branding to the next level, and make your products retail-ready.

Common Applications Of Customized Hanging Labels

Hang tags offer what seems like an endless list of different applications. For example, adding info about branding, the price, materials used to make your item, telling your audience about who the maker is, and any other valuable information.

Custom hang tags can add an extra wow-factor, helping your items stand out on the sales floor, catch the customer's eye at open-air markets, or even be attached as a personal finishing touch to a gift! They're also great for organizing home items, label storage bins or drawers, thanks to their high-quality card stock and clear printed quality.

You could use them as a hanging clothing label in combination with a printed label, or why not try attaching them to other products or non-textile items, for example as furniture tags or to sell handbags, yoga mats, and much more.

Don't forget that here at Dutch Label Shop, we also sell custom fabric tags, size labels, t-shirt labels, quilt labels, laundry labels and iron-on labels.

Best Practices For Your Hang Tag Design

When deciding what content to include on your hang tag design, consider adding info on garment sizing, color, pricing, or even social media tags. Since Hang Tags can be formatted in various ways, depending on how you want to market your brand, it's a great opportunity to include a short synopsis of your business on the back, or even include care instructions. Some hang tags just showcase a logo with a clean back, while others include extra details that otherwise might not be included on woven labels.

Need to see some samples?

Want to see and touch some real labels before you decide on what to get? No problem. Get sample packs shipped directly to you!

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Hang Tags

What Is A Hang Tag?

A hang tag (or swing tag, depending on who you ask!) is a tag attached to the outside of a garment or merchandise and is usually removed before use. Hang tags can contain a personalized logo, as well as readily accessible information about the product. It is frequently attached to the product via a string, thread, or plastic adjoiner.

Hang tags can be made from a variety of different materials, ranging from paper to leather to textile or wood, although they are usually made from cardboard. Dutch Label Shop hang tags are made using the highest quality bristol board and are then finished off with a hole punch for optional cord attachment to make displaying your hang tags easier.

What’s The Difference Between Hang Tags, Swing Tags And Hanging Labels?

Although it may seem a little confusing, Hang Tags, Swing Tags and Hanging Labels are all different ways of saying the exact same thing... Essentially there is no difference, so don't be caught out when you see any of these terms, as they are completely interchangeable.

Any Questions? Need Some Help?

If you need any help along the way, our dedicated support team is here for you.

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