Why Do I Need a Size Label?

Starting out and wondering whether you need a size label in your garments? The answer is probably yes! Find out why size labels make life so much easier for sellers.

You can choose how to size your garments, but keep your customer base in mind as sizing standards vary by country. It’s important to maintain consistent sizing within your brand while also following general sizing standards. If you can do that, your customers can trust your brand to deliver the fit you’re advertising. This is especially important in a world dominated by e-commerce, where customers can't physically try something on before purchasing. Consider incorporating pre-made labels into your sewing process to streamline your production and enhance the overall professional appearance of your products.

Size labels and sewing labels are an essential tool for anyone selling or making garments for others. Size labels quickly tell the wearer whether or not your item might fit them, so it is important to make your size labels accurate to the garments you sew them into.

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