Size Labels

If you're making items in multiple sizes, or selling internationally, then you'll need to consider size labels. They're small, affordable, and help your customers find the fit they want—especially when shopping online!

Why Do I Need a Size Label?

Starting out and wondering whether you need a size label in your garments? The answer is probably yes! Find out why size labels make life so much easier for sellers.

Converting Your Sizes Internationally

Have you got an international client base? Make it easy for customers from all around the world to see accurate size conversions on each and every garment you make.

Attaching Size Labels to Your Products

Want to know the best way to sew your size labels on? We look at some of the ways stand alone size labels can be sewn into any garment.

Designing Your Size Labels

Can't decide between having a stand alone size label or incorporating sizing information into your other labels? We weigh up the different design elements on size labels.

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