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Best Of Labels: Scotch & Soda

For some truly stand-out labels, we take a closer look at what Scotch & Soda are up to. Get ready to be inspired by their bright labels and fun designs.
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Much like Dutch Label Shop, Scotch & Soda has its roots proudly in Amsterdam. Known both for their denim and classic items with a twist, Scotch & Soda started in 1985 and has since grown to become one of The Netherlands' most iconic brands.

Scotch & Soda takes its inspiration from around the globe for new collections, so it is not unusual to see bold colors, fun prints, and unique details. The branding on Scotch & Soda is often visible. They incorporate their name into print designs and on buttons, as well as using visible clothing labels attached as patches.

 scotch and soda colourful clothing labels

The Scotch & Soda Labels We Love:

Scotch & Soda loves labels almost as much as we do. From brightly colored woven labels with witty and charming phrases to their classic brand label proudly repping their Amsterdam roots, it isn't unusual to see 5 or more clothing labels on a single garment of theirs.

They have mastered the art of labels with unique applications that we don't often see, including ones in very unexpected places. These are the kind of details that get us excited at Dutch Label Shop. We love to see label designs and placements taken to the next level.

One pair of Scotch & Soda jeans can easily have six or seven labels, all serving different purposes. One of our favorites is the label found on the inner fly of a pair of Scotch & Soda jeans, often with a quirky or sweet saying that's unique to a particular collection or season. 

 various scotch and soda brand labels

Turn Up The Creativity On Your Clothing Labels

Scotch & Soda doesn’t stick to a single brand label every year. Instead they will often change it up and use many different labels all within a single collection. This approach gives you the chance for maximum creativity when designing your labels, without needing to choose just one design.

As an example, if you have a patterned fabric you are planning to use for just a few items, why not take inspiration from that pattern and create a label that matches it for those pieces. Here at Dutch Label Shop, our order minimums are low. This makes it easy to order more than one woven label or printed label design without committing to hundreds.

Or, if you make seperate collections each season, why not make a special label for each collection with the name of it, a short phrase, or even an image that has inspired you. You can add these along side the regular brand label to memorialise each and every collection you make.

 Flat lay of Dutch Label Shop label designs