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Few things are certain in this world, so when we find something that is, we need to celebrate it! Alongside the sun rising every day and leaving something in a hotel room when you check out, we have another to add to the list: dogs wearing cool collars are freaking adorable! Every time. So today we bring you a spotlight of Stacy Taylor from Lulu’s Collars, etc.
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 Sewn dog collars

Ok, calm down and stop trying to pet the screen! We’re about to tell you all about where you can find these perfect pet accoutrements. But let’s start with Stacy’s story, because it’s pretty awesome and inspiring!

Stacy has been crafting with all sorts of different media for most of her life, but it wasn’t until she started playing around with ribbon that she really found her calling. To her, the endless ability to create something new, to feed her creative side, drives her to make these adorable dog collars. “It just never gets boring,” says Stacy!

Perhaps the most interesting insight that Stacy shared with us about her craft is where she finds some of her inspiration. One of the best parts about crafting in general is that so many people love to do it, and share their work. New ideas are everywhere. Stacy says that she’ll often look to designers who make baby and children’s clothes and incorporates some style elements with her own. As anyone with a pet will tell you, they are part of the family, so it actually makes perfect sense to design for pets in a similar way to how you would for kids. We gotta give it to you Stacy, that’s pretty brilliant!

 Examples of dog collars

In case there’s any doubt, Stacy’s a full blown entrepreneur. She’s been hand-making and selling these collars for 5 years now, and has no plans to slow down. If you live in Jacksonville, you can find Lulu’s Collars in shops all over town, including Woof Gang Bakery, Green Dog Spa and Puppy Palace. Twice a month, Stacy also packs up her collars and takes them down to the Riverside Art Market, where she joins hundreds of other artists also showcasing their wares. Outside of Florida, a store in Connecticut called Divine Dogs just stocked up as well!

However, for the rest of us, the easiest way to browse Stacy’s work is on her Etsy store. In fact, any day now you’ll be able to order her newest themed collars. She’s going to introduce a line paying homage to a holiday favorite, the “Ugly Sweater!” No pictures are available yet, so you’ll just need to check in to see these. We have no doubt Stacy’s going to nail it!

 Dog collars with a sewing label

So what does all of this have to do with sewing labels? Well, turns out Stacy has been using our personalized sewing labels for a while now. We wanted to know why. Besides that only we offered the color she needed (turquoise), Stacy appreciated that we gave her the ability to make the label on her collars, leashes and harnesses a reflection of her brand and personality. She also says that these labels make it easier for her customers to recognize her art out in the world.

Our customers define us. Their drive, creativity and passion inspires us. Keep up the great work, Stacy, we’re proud of you and proud that you’ve chosen our labels to give your brand an edge! Thank you!

And don’t you worry, there are plenty more pictures of dogs wearing Lulu’s Collars on their Facebook Page!