Definitive Guide to Care Labels
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Definitive Guide to Care Labels

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Many of you are probably aware that a garment calls for a number of different labels. While the beautiful clothing label with your brand logo in the neck or waistband of the garment is certainly the most visible, your customer might need a little more guidance than that to make the most of their new garment. In addition to the logo, garments frequently contain a size label and a label with instructions for the care of the garment (frequently attached to a side seam). So we put together our definitive guide to care labels.

You know the one I mean – a tag full of hieroglyphics telling you exactly how to wash, dry, iron, hang, fold, store, and otherwise care for your garment. As someone who spent the better part of my early 20s ignoring the care labels and shrinking all my favorite sweaters, I know how confusing all those different symbols can be.

As a crafter, however, I know how ignoring just one of them can ruin a garment. So, as you look into designing your care labels (and there are many ways to make them personalized and cute!) The following guide was created by Textile Industry Affairs and is resource for understanding and creating a thorough and accurate care label.

If you are interested in purchasing care labels you can use our simple design tool to spell out detailed washing and drying instructions for your customers. We hope we can help make your product care functional and fun.