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Custom Sewing Labels, sewing tags, personalized tags for clothes, garments and apparel

Custom Sewing Labels

There are different ways labels can be attached to a piece of fabric. The most durable method is to sew the label onto the fabric. Hence, our Custom Sewing Labels are our most popular labels.

We offer two types of custom sewing labels for branding

Basic Sewing Labels

Don't have a logo? Use our label design tool to create Custom Sewing Labels


Logo Sewing Labels

Already have a logo? Upload your image to create Custom Sewing Labels with your Logo


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How to Sew your Custom Labels

Custom Sewing Labels can be sewn onto fabric in different ways:

  • We recommend a seaming allowance of 0.2" (0.5 cm = 5 mm)
  • A straight cut label can be sewn in at the left-end and the right-end
  • Folded options are popular for labels around the board, or cover, of a piece of garment, but also within the board ("neck") of a garment
  • A taffeta weave seaming allowance is available for our Woven Logo Labels
If you need our advice on how to attach our labels, please just shoot us an email at support@dutchlabelshop.com and we will help you determine the choice for you.

Aloha Iro Design sewing label
AngieLaine sew on label
BBT personalized label
Brendan J Murphy garment label
Buti fabric label
Change Through Designs fabric label
Chavous woven label
Clips by Alejandra Squires sew on label
collars by reed fabric label
debbie kikuchi fabric label
degranchis personalized label
designs by carmela fabric label
Di Mamma fabric label
dirty fabric label
Eberlestock garment label
ella chamberlin woven label
Established date woven label
Estrella's Touch woven label
Fancy Little Dogs sewing label
Fuzion Accesories woven label
Heartern Hand Knits sew on label
jason matthew fabric label
JB Design fabric label
la la livia woven label
lindsay pinsy woven label
Logo white on red garment label
MacBeanie garment label
Mareluna fabric label
material content woven label
morelanddesigns fabric label
moustache logo fabric label
my grammie made it for me woven label
my sister sings personalized label
naomi bryan fabric label
One God One Church garmnet label
Orange icon logo sewing label
Oversquare sew on label
Personal Advisory clothing label
Personalized woven label with date and name
Pilots Paws sew on label
Reiki On! woven label
Rock Shox sew on label
Safetycuffs garment label
sassy sleeves woven label
Sew 4 Jesus woven label
sew fun by helen fabric label
simplyeartha fabric label
slow woven label
sophisticated pooch garment label
speak_dressel garmnet label
Styledwel sewing label
Sugar Sandwich sewing label
The Michael Mallory Collection clothing label
the pouch fabric label
Tina Gorman pink on white clothing label
tomato envy woven label
wildflower leather woven label
Pashmina fabric label



What's the difference between
Basic Sewing Labels and Logo Sewing Labels?

Basic Sewing Labels


Personalized Sewing Labels

Logo Sewing Labels


Custom Sewing Labels
Real Woven, not embroidered
Delivered in individual pieces
100% Polyester
Wash in all temperatures
Different sizes
Folded options
Own logo required
Expert design review
Choose from >1,000 symbols
Max # colors per label 2 6
# Colors to choose from 19 500
Minimum size Min: 2.4" x 0.6" Min: 0.4" x 0.4"
Maximum size Max: 2.7" x 0.9" Max: 7.9" x 7.9"
Minimum order quantity 30 5
Prices starting at $ 17 $ 20
Browse Examples In Gallery Browse Examples In Gallery

Personalized Sewing Labels applications

Most labels are sewn into fabrics such as Jeans, Cotton, Polyester, Linen, and other Fabrics, for the use of Apparel, Hand Bags, Clothing, Upholstery, Toys, Pillows, Bed Linen, Quilts, Pillows, Towels, Shawls, Coats, Back Packs, Packaging Materials (bags), and more.

Taffeta as a seaming allowance

Taffeta is a more sturdy type of weave structure. Our most popular labels are Damask Labels. For purposes of sewing in the Damask Label, we can add a piece of Taffeta Weave fabric onto the Damask Label allowing you to sew in the label.

Seaming Allowance

Basic Woven Labels have a 0.2" (0.5 cm = 5 mm) Seam Allowance on the right side and on the left side. Note that such Seam Allowance is not available at the top and bottom of the label. If you are ordering Woven Logo Labels, please specify how you intend to sew in the Label. We will incorporate a similar (0.2"), or larger, seaming allowance in the design of the label.

Alternative for Custom Sewing Labels

Some people prefer Iron-on labels instead of Custom Sew On Labels, as they may be a bit easier to apply. We do recommend Personalized Sewing Tags though, as they are more durable.

Sew in Labels, Sew-in Labels, Sew on Labels, Sew-on Labels

Different terms meaning the same thing. Sewing Labels Made By Dutch Labels Shop are sought after by many crafters and fashion designers. We provide high quality Custom Sewing Labels at low minimums. We specialize in Sewing Labels Personalized for your needs. Our Sew In Tags include Sew In Name Labels, also known as Sew In Name Tags. Looking for Personalized Sewing Labels? Look no further!