Do you charge Sales Tax or VAT?

It depends on the shipping address (country) that you choose.

USA - Sales Tax is charged in the following states

When you enter a shipping address in one of the following states, Sales Tax is charged based on the applicable local Tax Rates.

  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kansas
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Utah
  • Virginia
  • Wisconsin

If you have a sales tax exemption, please submit this through our customer support before placing your order.

Other states in the USA

When you select a shipping address in any other state (not listed above), no Sales Tax will be charged.

European Union

When your order is shipped to a shipping country in the European Union, the VAT of that country will be charged. The rates are:

  • Austria (AT) 20%
  • Belgium (BE) 21%
  • Bulgaria (BG) 20%
  • Croatia (HR) 25%
  • Cyprus (CY) 19%
  • Czech Republic (CZ) 21%
  • Denmark (DK) 25%
  • Estonia (EE) 20%
  • Finland (FI) 24%
  • France (FR) 20%
  • Germany (DE) 19%
  • Greece (GR) 24%
  • Hungary (HU) 27%
  • Ireland (IE) 21%
  • Italy (IT) 22%
  • Latvia (LV) 21%
  • Lithuania (LT) 21%
  • Luxembourg (LU) 17%
  • Malta (MT) 18%
  • Netherlands (NL) 21%
  • Poland (PL) 23%
  • Portugal (PT) 23%
  • Romania (RO) 19%
  • Slovakia (SK) 20%
  • Slovenia (SI) 22%
  • Spain (ES) 21%
  • Sweden (SE) 25%

For shipping to the European Union (except the Netherlands) we will reverse VAT for all customers with a valid VAT number for the country that they ship to. For example, an Italian customer has a valid Italian VAT number and ships to Italy: then this customer can enter the VAT number during checkout. If it's validated, then no VAT will be charged.



We charge 20% UK VAT at checkout for all customers. No VAT will be charged by customs or the shipper.

All other countries

When you select a shipping address in any other country, we will not charge any VAT or Sales Tax on our products. It is possible that such taxes, and/ or import duties, may be charged by your local authorities.

We ship all over the USA, from New York to LA, from the Great Plains to the forests of New England. Oh, and we also ship Globally by the way.