Iron-on Instructions

Use the "Cotton" setting on your iron. Do not use steam. Use baking paper.

Step 1: Check Fabric Heat Tolerance

 A woman inspecting the care label on a garment

Remember to always check if the fabric type you are going to iron the label to can tolerate the heat of an iron. You can check online or with the supplier of your fabric.

Step 2: Set Iron to "Cotton" Setting

 Ironing Labels

Set your iron to the cotton setting - DO NOT USE STEAM

Step 3: Place Label & Cover with Parchment Paper

 Custom label ironing

Position the iron-on label where you want to adhere it and cover the label with baking/parchment paper. Do not use wax paper.

Step 4: Iron Label for 15-20 Seconds

 Ironing a label

Carefully iron over the baking paper for about 15-20 sec. Move your iron slowly. Wait approximately 2 minutes before you remove the baking paper.

You Are Done!

 Ironed custom label

Your label is now ready!

Further notes:

  • The strength of the adhesive layer is also dependent on the type of fabric you are adhering it to.
  • Iron-on labels can be washed with hot water assuming your fabric can also be washed in hot water.
  • If your iron is not hot enough, it is possible for the adhesive to separate from the label when you try to iron it on. If this happens increase the heat of your iron, push the label down on the adhesive, and try ironing on the back of the item where the label is placed to re-adhere it.

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