When will I receive my package?

Typically, production time is {{var_average_turnaroundtime_order}} days. Shipping time depends on the shipping method you choose.

Production Time

Typically, production time is 10-14 days. Note the following:

  • Actual production times vary by product type.
  • Changes that are required, or requested, after placing an order, will increase the production time. For example, any changes to the logo, artwork, image, or design must be processed before we can start the production of Woven Logo Labels.
  • Actual production times may also fluctuate as a result of unexpected changes in demand or order volume.
  • We do not offer expedited production. We have worked hard to develop very robust and efficient production processes, which ensures quick turnaround times. Unfortunately, these robust processes do not allow for deviations, such as expedited production requests.

Shipping Time

  • At the "Payment Step" during checkout, you will see the shipping options available to you based on destination (country).
  • The price and estimated shipping time for each option are shown. Note that these are estimates provided by the shipping carrier. We work with the most reputable logistical partners available, but as soon as the package is in their possession, it is out of our hands. We cannot guarantee shipping time.