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Size Labels

Size Labels

Size labels

Size matters. That’s why our Size Labels show it off boldly and beautifully.

No more hunting for size; grasping at hangers in the closet or on the rack. Choose any color for your Size Labels, with size indicators from “XS” to “XL”. You can also weave “Made in America” to show the origin of your product and brand.

Size your product up. Order here. 

Price per label ranges from $ 0.02 to $ 0.13. The price is based on the total number of labels that you select.

  • Baby_sizing_on_black_garment_label
  • Blue_garment_label_for_sizing
  • Garment_info_on_woven_label
  • Green_size_clothing_label
  • Lime_green_sizing_on_cloting_label
  • Made_in_USA_woven_label_in_color
  • Pink_size_clothing_labels
  • Purple_size_garment_label
  • Size_clothing_labels_in_black
  • Size_garment_labels_in_black
  • Various_color_choices_for_clothing_labels
  • White_on_black_sizing_garment_label

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