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Our expert will review your image to ensure it will turn out to be a great label. Revisions to the image (if required) are free of charge. Let us know if you have any questions on design, we are pleased to support you. A variety of file formats are allowed, including JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF and PDF. If you have another file format, or if you have any questions, just call us, or shoot us an e-mail!


Note: the size here should be the size before folding and including sewing allowance. For example, if the size before folding is 1" x 4" and after folding 1" x 2", then select 1" x 4" at this step. The folded part for edge folded, book cover fold and manhattan fold is 0.25" on each side/end.

Note: the label color is the background color of the label

Your selected colors

Note: the logo colors are all other colors on the label. If you want to remove a selected color, then click on the color again to deselect the color. The order of the colors is not important.

The iron-on option is not available in combination with folded labels.
Please choose sew-on or change label type to a standard or lasercut.

Note: for iron-on labels a layer of adhesive is added to the back of the labels such that it can be attached to fabric using a regular iron (no steam). For more information about applying iron-on labels, please read our FAQ.

This option weaves an additional layer of white thread into your label to vibrantly brighten the background color, and prevent shine-through. Choose this option if your label pairs a white or a light background with a dark or bright text, symbol or logo. Adding a second layer of white yarn will prevent the logo from bleeding, or shining through, into the background.

Instructions that help our designers with their review are welcome and will ensure a smooth order process.

- Photo Proof: a photo of the produced labels will be emailed to you for approval.
- In the rare case that the labels are not per the agreed design we will reproduce at no extra charge.
- Turnaround time: please respond as quickly as you can when you receive the Photo Proof email. Additional time may be required if the labels need to be reproduced.

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