Custom Branded Tags For Your Boutique

Custom Branded Tags For Your Boutique

Stand Out On The Sales Floor With Eye-Catching Tags

Hang Tags and Clothing Labels For Boutiques

Elevate the appeal of your boutique's clothing with custom tags. Dutch Label Shop offers you a way to craft custom designs that seamlessly blend with your own style and branding to create price tags that guarantee your item catches every eye on the boutique floor. For those looking for easy application, our iron-on labels provide a convenient option. Whichever path you take, Dutch Label Shop simplifies the process of crafting your dream label.

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Inspiring Customer Projects

Check out the different types of clothing hang tags and other products our customers have made to get inspired for your next project! For a deeper understanding of clothing size conversions and finding correct clothing labels, our blog offers valuable insights.

What Are Tags For Clothing Boutiques?

Boutiques and clothing stores rely on clothing tags for that professional finishing touch. Hang tags provide a glimpse of your brand identity ensuring your customers can easily find the information they need, like pricing, and sizing. Woven clothing labels ensure the item is branded, and laundry labels will help extend the lifespan of your garments by offering proper care instructions, as detailed in our guide on care label symbols. Together, these labels are essential tools in creating a memorable shopping experience, maintaining brand credibility, and ensuring your customers' clothing looks its best for longer.

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Starting at $17 for 30 Custom Hang Tags

Make your products stand out with vibrant, industry standard hang tags!

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Boutique Tags

What Is The Best Way To Tag Clothes?

The best way to tag your clothing in a boutique depends on the type of garment tag you are using. Hang Tags used as price tags should be prominently displayed, whether the item is hung on hangers or folded on shelves, ensuring customers can easily spot them while browsing. On the other hand, your brand labels can be discreetly placed on the inside of the garment, typically sewn into the back inside neck or waistband. While the hang tag is removed by the customer, brand labels remain with the clothing post-purchase, so choose a spot that won't inconvenience the customer.

How Do You Make Stylish Clothing Boutique Tags?

At Dutch Label Shop, we provide two effortless methods to create hang tags and clothing labels, both guaranteeing a top-tier, retail-quality finish. For Custom Hang Tags, you can design them online using our label designer, selecting from a range of colors, fonts, and images to craft your ideal custom label. Alternatively, if you already have a design in mind, you can upload it directly through our website, with our customer service team ensuring its suitability. These same convenient options also apply to our woven clothing labels, where you can design yours through our website or provide us your own label designs. Additionally, for those interested in exploring more personalized options, our custom name labels offer a unique way to add a personal touch to your products.

What Is The Best Fabric For Clothing Boutique Tags?

The optimal fabric for your clothing tags is dependent upon the label type you prefer. For branded clothing labels, you have the flexibility to choose from various options. Woven labels, meticulously crafted with robust polyester threads, assure longevity. Alternatively, printed labels, featuring a satin label base, prioritize softness, while cotton labels cater to eco-conscious brands.

As for hanging tags, ours are printed on robust 280 gsm Bristol board, perfect for busy retail environments and offer the convenience of pre-attached cords, saving you both time and effort.

Should Clothing Tags Be On The Left Or Right?

The choice of where to hang your hang tags should be based on your boutique's layout and the item's display method. While maintaining consistency is pleasing, it's important to have a few options to secure your boutique tags on key items like tops, dresses, pants, skirts, and knitwear. These spots should be easily accessible to customers while maintaining a neat and organized retail space.

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