Care & Content Labels

If you want your items to last, then you need care & content labels. Make sure that your items stand up to everyday wear and washing with easy to order care & content labels.

What are Care & Content Labels and Why do I Need Them?

Adding care labels to your items is an industry-standard in most places around the world. Understand what goes into a custom care label and why they are so important in the clothing industry.

How are Care and Content Labels Made?

Want to know more about the process of ordering care and content labels and how they are made? We look at the most common materials used in your laundry labels.

What do the Laundry Symbols On A Care Label Mean?

Ever wondered what exactly all those squiggles, squares, and triangles mean? Clear up the confusion with our deep dive into laundry symbols from around the world.

Attaching Care Labels to Your Products

Keep care labels securely attached wash-after-wash so customers can always rely on them. Find out where the best spot to attach your care labels is.

Designing Your Laundry Care Labels

While care labels aren't traditionally the prettiest labels, more and more brands are injecting a bit of flare into theirs. Find out what you can do with yours.
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