Brand Labels

It's time to get creative: set your work apart with custom, one-of-a-kind brand labels. We'll guide you through every step to help you design the perfect label for your brand and your products.

What are Brand Labels and Why do I Need Them?

Leave your mark on everything you make with a custom brand label. Big or small, the key purpose is to advertise you or your brand however you want it to look.

Selecting a Brand Label that Works with Your Products

Want a clothing label folded, flat, or even a unique shape? We look at all the different shapes and folds clothing labels come in to help you design your perfect labels.

Attaching a Clothing Label to Your Products

There are many options for attaching clothing labels to fabric items. Machine sewing, decorative hand stitches, or iron-on labels, choose one to best suit your abilities and aesthetic.

Branding Products with Woven Clothing Labels

Woven labels are often the first choice for brands. They are high-quality, durable, and soft. But did you know there is more than one type of woven clothing label?

Branding Products with Printed Clothing Labels

Seen as the quick n easy, affordable option for clothing labels, printed labels are a go-to for crafters, children's brands, and care labels. Find out the pros and cons of printed labels.

Comparing The Different Brand Labels

If deciding between woven and printed labels is making your head spin, take a look at our comparison between the two most popular types of clothing labels.

Designing An Eye-Catching Clothing Label

Time to get creative with your clothing labels. Check out our most important design tips for your brand labels to help them stand apart from the rest.
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