A Woven Label next to a Size Label

What Are Clothing Labels?

Confused about clothing labels? We go right back to basics and explain what exactly a clothing label is. This is the perfect place to start your label journey.

In its most basic form, a clothing label is a type of tag affixed to your garment and is used to relay information such as brand, size, fabric composition, origin, and washing instructions to the user. This information is usually spread across 2-3 different labels on a single garment and is designed to hold up to both wear and laundering for the lifetime of the item. Check out our custom sewing labels to add a personal touch to your creations or to make your brand stand out. Our sewing labels are designed with attention to detail and quality, If you're looking for distinctive options for clothing labels, explore our clothing labels for boutiques. These labels provide essential information and add a touch of sophistication to your garments, making your creations truly unique.

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