Beach Bag DIY

Beach Bag DIY

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Beach bag is just something that I need at times. Yesterday I headed to the community pool carrying my book and towel in a reusable shopping bag. That is how my life has turned out. My “beach towel” is not even meant for swimming, but a bath towel. Because my old beach towel is SO old it doesn’t get the job done anymore. Needless to say, I was quite the sad little pool goer yesterday. So when I came home, I took to the interwebs to figure out a crafty solution to my poolside dilemma. That is, how to look chic on my way to the pool without dropping a lot of money on a bag. Here is where my research led me.


Recycle and Repurpose!

That old, faded towel that I can’t use anymore because it’s so threadbare it gets soaked at the mere touch of water? That towel that I can’t bear to throw away because I love the pattern of baby ducklings in bathing suits and the big duck lifeguard looking over them? I found a new purpose for it! With a few simple cuts and stitches, that old towel can take on a new life as a pool bag. And the best part is, it can double as a seat cushion on those hot days when the pool chairs have been cooking in the sun, or as a pillow while you are tanning, and it won’t matter if it gets wet! Some tutorials even show a way to convert a towel into a bag, and still function both ways!


TowelBag1 Beach Bag DIY 











Use Waterproof Fabric


This may seem like a no-brainer, but one great bit of DIY hacking advice I got in the past was to use umbrella fabric for tote bags – and it’s the perfect solution for my pool and beach bag woes. The fabric used for umbrellas (and a lot of outdoor furniture) resists the damp but is also lightweight!


Canvas for Heavy Duty

When I’m by myself, I usually only take a book to the pool or beach. Maybe some suntan lotion if I’m feeling responsible. But when I’m toting my family along too, that’s a different story. Snacks, toys, diapers, bandaids, water bottles – you name it, I bring it. The problem is, all of the stuff makes for quite the haul, and with a flimsy bag I definitely feel the weight. Canvas bags are the perfect solution – lightweight and super durable!


bag2 Beach Bag DIY 











Don’t forget to finish off your project with a custom label to commemorate the time, place, and loving hands that made it.


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