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DLS Sewing Machine Giveaway

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Congratulations to our 5 giveaway winners!

Over 8000 people entered our sewing contest. WOW!

Congratulations to MaryJo, Heather, Virginia, Becky, and Jerrie! Check your emails for more details on how to claim your prizes!




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130 replies
  1. Sherry

    I love the labels I received from Dutch Label Shop.

    • Lin Vindal

      I am in need of a sewing machine. I have Parkinson’s disease and sewing is the only thing I can do. God Bless all who entered. Best of luck.

      • Beth Purvis

        I too have a debilitating disease and quilting is the one thing I can do. What type of sewing do you do? I’m branching out with crafting. I purchased a cricut machine and can’t wait to really start working with it. Right now I’m finishing up a large order for a woman in Texas. One king quilt, three table runners and a throw quilt. Everything is sewed, now all I have left is to quilt the throw. She wants it all by December first. Have a wonderful day and I hope you are feeling good.

    • margie benoit wheeler

      i never won any thing I love sewing but I don.t have a sewing Machine Would love to

  2. Nada

    I love sewing so much

  3. Elizabeth "Earl" Lewis

    Wow!!! Your website has all kinds of helpful stuff! I’m bookmarking it right now!

  4. Caterina

    Im so excited about this sewing machine giveaway!! Can’t wait!

  5. Selin

    Thank you so much this wonderful prizes. I am super excited for the winners!

  6. Deborah Rockwell

    Great service and quality !

  7. Marjorie Walsh

    I would love a new machine and labels.

  8. Jacque Howell

    It would be a joy to own and use the Dutch Label Shop Sewing Machine . What an exciting contest!

  9. Jennifer

    Thanks so much!

  10. Rita

    Have been sewing since I was 8 years old, my mom and grandma were my teachers.

  11. Pam Young

    Thank you for the chance to win these wonderful prizes!

  12. Dena Roberts

    Would LOVE to win a new sewing machine! Mine is broken beyond repair 😢

  13. What a wonderful prize for the lucky winner! Good luck to all.👏

  14. Shantel Venable

    So excited to enter this fabulous giveaway. Thanks for blessing others.

  15. Tammi Pace

    So excited I would love to win this my Maxine is going down fast! Thank you for the drawing

  16. I have always loved the Singer brand. So excited for this giveaway!

  17. Ness

    I really want to learn to sew so I won’t spend too much money on clothes.

  18. June Fessenden

    Thank you!

  19. Sandra Gooden

    I am so excited to learn about your “small quantity” business and will everyone about it. Also excited about the contest and would be over the moon if I win.

  20. Russell judy

    Good luck to everyone.

  21. Felicia Sims

    I hope I won! I hope I win! I hope…😁

  22. Cindy Rodney

    Good Luck Sewing is a wonderful hobby❤️Sew many Possibilities!

  23. Lois Matin

    Sewing is a lot of relaxation and i enjoy it

  24. Looking forward to drawing I really need a new machine. Hope I win

  25. Edwina Rains

    I am so hoping to receive this wonderful sewing machine and labels. Thanks for this great chance.

  26. Patty

    This is a unique opportunity, thank you!

  27. Della Fisher

    Loved to sew, but moved from Florida to North Carolina and somehow (?) It along with patterns & Fabric was Gone. Packed in box along with case gone the Wood desk it fit in gone as we had not moved in yet, it was stored until we called. Too bad no proof, it was. 5 years old but had all the whistles, but nothing to show

  28. Barb

    How exciting, it looks like a great machine, and quilting and doing nighties for the great grands, it would be used and used and used!!

  29. Billye stigall

    Really need to win this machine

  30. Gretchen D Sisemore

    I’m so excited!

  31. Robyn ramalho

    Good luck to everyone!

  32. Vickie Hawkins

    Thank you for this wonderful site and the opportunity to learn and grow.

  33. Sherrie

    Pick me!

  34. Rose

    I just had an idea about making kids jammies for those in the wildfires or t shirt dresses & throws & I need th ask where they are to be delivered . Maybe other things anyone want to do the same

  35. Jeanne Hinton-Loftus

    I sew a lot of gifts for Christmas I start in October that an early start

  36. Pam

    Getting back into sewing after a lot of years. I see for fun.

  37. Paula K Whithaus

    A new sewing machine will be a wonderful Christmas gift to myself. That was my plan anyway. This would mean I could save alot of money and apply that same money to a better gift for my granddaughter and grandchild coming next year. I’m so excited!!!

  38. Christiana

    Great job you’re doing. Many thanks

  39. Sarlaben Patel

    I love sewing machine so much and I like to sew.

  40. Jahel N kellner

    Don’t have a sewing machine now, hoping to win. Love sewing…

  41. Aishat ibrahim

    I am so excited this is an opportunity,infact I can’t wait to be a winner of a sewing machine.

  42. Verna

    Wow, bless whoever gets a new sewing machine!

  43. Paulie Brand

    this are amazing prizes❣️
    I wish good luck to everyone❣️

  44. Priscilla Archuleta

    I love creating with my sewing machine! I have an 8-month old granddaughter that I want to sew for’


    Love love love to sew!

  46. Hilda Chaski Adams

    Thank you for holding the contest. I coordinate a charity that makes duffle bags for children being taken into foster care. We want to add a label to the bags with an encouraging message line ‘You are lived’ or ‘You will succeed’. I hope I win.

  47. Betty

    I love to sew but my sewing machine is very old,could use an up dated one,,thanks

  48. Bonnie Kottke

    I would love to win this sewing machine , mine is rather old, but still works….

  49. Karen

    Awesome selection of labels. Definitely my go to website for branding my creations.

  50. Susie

    Super excited to be entered in your contest. Good luck to all who entered.

  51. Zahra-Nahid Taheri

    I love to have this sewing machin , it’s the best prize . Thank you

  52. My dream is to be a seamstress and have never had the time. Now I am retired and eagerly wanting to learn! I am looking forward to getting started with my membership! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  53. Sheryl

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity

  54. rose leblanc

    I live all the quilts that make from small wall hangings to bed quilts.

  55. Rhonda Watson

    I love it!!

  56. Makele

    It would be so awesome to have a good sewing machine!

    • Debra

      I Have 17 grandchildren, love to sew for them, I don’t get out of the house much. A good sewing machine would be such a blessing for me or anyone.

  57. YVette Hernandez


  58. Mimi Steelman

    My Pfaff sewing machine. Is 61 years old. Time for a new one!
    Labels could be added to home made projects. And new machine gifted to grands and greatgrands in future.

  59. Adedotun Dorcas

    Sewing is brain booster and soul mending,
    I can’t wait to have the giveaway Machine.
    I huge thanks to you guys for this. 😍 😘 😘

  60. Linda

    It will be so cool to put my name as designer in my handmade outfits.

  61. GWood

    I haven’t used these labels before but would love to try them. I’m making quilts this year as gifts. My 27 yr old son battled liver cancer this summer and had a transplant in July. Money is tight so I’m making quilts – plus everyone loves them. The one I’m working on now is for him.

  62. Gail Jasmer

    I have always wanted an embroidery machine

  63. Lise Grenier

    I absolutely Love to sew , it’s my greatest me time!! I would really be super excited to win that beautiful sewing machine !!❤️

  64. Tammye

    I’m making my first quilt and I can see the addiction. I would love to have a new sewing machine…

  65. Nancy French

    Thank you for this opportunity to win a new sewing machine. Love to quilt but started only 2 years ago. Cant get enough

  66. Duvelza E

    Would be over the moon to win the sewing machine because right now I don’t have one. I love to sew! And a $100 worth of labels would be the icing on the cake. I learned to sew in. Singer and I trust only Singer.

  67. Rosemarie Shingle

    I am learning to quilt. I love creating. My mom bought me a used Viking and I made doll clothes for a years. Now learning to machine quilt.

  68. Clarice Brown

    I love to sew

  69. Chandra

    I lost everything I had including all of my sewing supplies during Hurricane Irma and it would be a blessing to receive this sewing machine and accessories. The things we take for granted until we can no longer obtain them 🙁

  70. Karen

    This is very exciting. Wish everyone luck but hope I win. I make quilts and am teaching my daughter and granddaughter to sew.

  71. Chandra Hubbard

    I lost everything I had including all of my sewing supplies during Hurricane Irma and it would be a blessing to receive this sewing machine and accessories. The things we take for granted until we can no longer obtain them 🙁

  72. Susan Warner

    I would really like to teach my grandchildren how to sew but they have no machine to sew one once I show them so this would be great to win cause then they could have mine and learn on that and I would have the new one to show them and sew with them.

  73. Vicki Crawford

    So very generous 💛
    Thank you 😌

  74. Catherine Spring

    Love sewing

  75. Sewing is my greatest joy, since my son’s are now grown and I have retired.

  76. Janette

    Happy to be part of this great giveaway! Blessings as always everyone

  77. Sue

    This machine looks wonderful. It has been awhile since I have sewn and look forward to doing it again for my grandchildren and greats. Thanks for the giveaway.

  78. Jean

    If I win the machine will be sent to Safina in Uganda to help her earn a living for herself

    • Rose

      If you win. Will electrical wiring work where you want to send? Good luck.

  79. Joyce Criswell

    Thank you.

  80. Nelly

    Finally i have decided to pursue my Dreams of becomin a Fashion designer. So help me God and thanks for this opportunity

  81. Eyvette Thompson

    Wow, I really need this.

  82. Patty Graves Graves

    Sewing machine is old and need repaired.

  83. Doris

    I am 50ish and have only started learning to sew. They say it’s never too late to learn something new. It’s been frustrating and fun at the same time. Good luck Chandra. Since you lost everything in Hurricane Irma, you deserve to win. Good luck to everyone.

  84. Yvonne Hardy

    So excited!! I’m hoping to join Quilts of Valor for our Vets. This would be amazing and a gift from God!!

  85. Victoria

    I have old Brother that is go for basic sewing but not any thing more. So wining would be great for me as I could do so much more types of sewing.

  86. Victoria DeFries

    I have old Brother that is go for basic sewing but not any thing more. So wining would be great for me as I could do so much more types of sewing.

  87. Odobo evon

    Thank you. I will b happy to have one of the sewing machine.I love fashion.

  88. Dawn Roden

    What a great opportunity to win a machine. There are so many who desire to learn but can’t afford a machine. It would be great to teach them & gift them with the machine.

  89. Julianne Olsen

    This is a wonderful prize. I’d be ever grateful to win this machine.

  90. Julianne Olsen

    God bless you all. This is a wonderful prize. I’d be ever grateful to win this machine.

  91. Mearl McArthur

    My present machine was purchased on 1988. Would love a new one. Thanks for the chance for one.

  92. Diane Kamradt

    This is an exciting opportunity. Thanks so much for sponsoring this give-away.

  93. Williams blessing

    Just graduated from the university and getting this machine is one step in building my future hoping I win # fingers crossed

  94. Mamarachy Amo

    I love sewing, I have passion for it. As a beginner, I started learning sewing on line and now I can sew a simple dress in my room. I’m enrolling in fashion school in January 2019,but I’m really in need of a sewing machine. I pray you help bring out the best in me for others to benefit from my gain. Hoping to hear from you positively. God bless you abundantly for this opportunity

  95. Oluwapelumi

    I have passion for sewing but capital had been the challenge for not getting a good sewing machine.

  96. Bobbie Gerbine

    My machine is a old hand me down,would love a new one

  97. I have been sewing for 50 years would love this machine because i love Singer!Best of luck to the winner.

  98. Pat Tabidian

    Your labels are great! Can’t wait to make a quilt and add one!
    A new sewing machine would be wonderful!

  99. Pamela C Mitchell

    Im battling cancer and want to finish my guilt top. But my sewing machine quit working. So i would love to win so i can get it all together.

  100. I have sewed all my life. My parents gave me a universal macine when i was 15 and lessons. My ex broke my machine a few years ago. I miss sewing but cant afford to buy a new machine. Winning would be a God send. Really need a new machine. I pary I win retiring in about a year would be great.

  101. Colum Kopana

    Love all your sewing tips. An amazing prize for Christmas. I don’t have this would be nice to have one.
    Good luck to everyone!
    Merry Christmass.

  102. Judi Steinacher

    Best of luck to all who entered!

  103. Esther Youshei

    I would like to have a sewing machine with embroidery features. I love so much sewing, I cant wait to win this machine

  104. I have a Singer 29K that was made in 1906 and still works. My Singer 111W155 is about 75, no reverse and sews beautifully. My Pfaff Creative 1425 is only 26 and is wearing out and incredibly expensive to get serviced. I keep the Singers OILED and clean. Even if I don’t win anything, I’m going to buy some labels anyway. Thanks

  105. Monsurat Falana

    This is awesome, I hope I win. I really need a good sewing machine for my sewing.

  106. Linda Painter

    I wish that everyone could win a sewing machine

  107. Beth Purvis

    I love to make labels. This sewing machine will be fabulous.

  108. Bukky Ayo

    Wow So happy about this, as been my wish to get this kind of machine..I will be so happy to get this opportunity to win this🙏 .., sewing is the best.

  109. Marge R (mer)

    This would make a wonderful early Christmas gift!

  110. Annette Sanders

    Good luck to all!

  111. Wow, can’t wait to be a winner, I have been waiting for this opportunity to come my way. God thank you so much. Really love sewing and my machine is spoilt. I pray to win.

  112. Carol Cox

    i could really use a new machine…especially when i go to the US for a few months at a time to visit my kids.. i go to the public library there and borrow their machines, which by the way, are Singers….good machines. I live in Venezuela, and have a Singer Promise… amazing what such a small lightweight machine can do.

  113. Syleta Neeley

    I enjoy sewing and would love to win.
    That would be fantastic

  114. i love sewing and qultingfor mei family and freunds

  115. Angel

    Wow, this is one of a kind. Have never seen anything like this before, I will be super excited if I get to win this because sowing has been my dream and getting this would be a dream come. Big thumbs up to you guys for this, am really blown away by this and also a big congrats to the lucky winners although I would really love to be among them but all the same congrats to the five lucky ones. I wish your company the very best and more customers during and after this giveaway. Thumbs up guys👍👍👍, you are simply amazing 😘😘😘

  116. Virginia Anderton

    The machine and labels are so amazing and I would love to win them.

  117. tina odogu

    I would really need a sewing machine, don’t have any. Hope to win.

  118. Amy

    Wow, God bless you all, hope to win because i seriously in need of this machine

  119. Ojeremi Omodolapo

    I’m just starting my fashion designing career it’ll be lovely to have my own sewing machine. Even though I got this information late, I still hope i win.

  120. Toyin Adebola

    Thank you 😁

  121. Ann Elvis Mubeezi

    Hello, I have just seen this. I love fashion and design. I have my designs ready, all I need is a good sewing machine to start. I would love to win a seeing machine. Thank you. You’re blessed. Ann Elvis from Kampala, Uganda.

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