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6 Christmas Color Schemes

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By Abby 2018-12-11

Now that it is December it is now officially acceptable to start decorating for the holidays. Instead of the typical red & green, this year I thought about changing it up a little. Here are some of my favorite Christmas holiday color schemes.

Green + Brown

This earthly color scheme gives your holiday a more natural look

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White + Brown

Are you more of a minimalist? Try this one out

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Violet + Brown + Bronze + White

This color combination is very nice mostly guys wants this combination especially for those bachelors

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Multicolor Scheme

For people who hate to make decisions (like myself) why not choose all the colors? This combination is very playful.

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Silver + Gold

This color combination is very elegant and appealing to the eye. It will shine your Christmas. Maybe even add in a little blue.

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Turquoise + Orange

Love the color combination. It’s warm and refreshing.

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Let us know what you think of these ideas in the comments and share with us your holiday color scheme with us on social media by tagging us @dutchlabelshop

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