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Create Your Own Dreamcatcher

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Create your own dreamcatcher with this step-by-step tutorial if you need a little break from the traditional needle and thread crafting projects! Remember, this crafted item is a personal gift, so feel to decorate it with anything choose to make it perfect for the recipient.
By Abby 2016-08-30

Believed to catch all the person’s dreams, a dream catcher is said to trap the bad ones and only allow the good dreams pass through to the individual by floating down the feathers. Dream catchers were originally made from a willow hoop and decorated with everyday findings such as feathers, arrowheads, and beads.

  • Wooden hoop or ring
  • Various sizes of beads (seeds and larger)
  • 2 horn toggles
  • Hot glue gun (with glue sticks)
  • At least 24” of strong, clear thread (this is for the web part of the dreamcatcher, and can also be colorful yarn or fine cord, depending on your taste!)
  • Scissors
  • Office clips (medium sized)
  • Tape measure
  • 5” of feather trim
  • 80” suede cord
  1. Using your 50” suede cord, glue one end of the cord to the wooden ring and clamp it with the office clip. Begin wrapping the suede cord around the ring, being sure to cover the ring completely. As you wrap, add a dot of hot glue every few wraps to secure the cord to the ring. Make sure to guide the cord evenly and keep pulling it tightly. When you have covered the entire ring, secure the last wrap with glue over the starting end, and clamp in place to dry.

Note: Do not cut the tail of the leftover suede cord. You will use it to create a loop for hanging the dreamcatcher.

  1. Using the clear thread, tie one end to the ring (at any point). Then, tie the thread to a point on the ring 1” to the right using a single hitch knot. Continue doing this at 1” intervals around the ring until you are back at the starting point; be sure to keep the thread pulled tight.
  2. Next, use a half hitch knot to tie the thread to the center of each thread segment of the first row you just created (you are tying to the extended thread segment, not to the ring), working your way around the ring again in the same direction. A web-like structure will begin to form so long as you keep proper thread tension as you work. At this point, you have the option to star adding decorative beads by stringing them onto the thread before tying it to the next segment. Continue around the circle until you have a small opening close to half an inch. Tie off firmly and trim the excess thread.
  3. Repeat step #3, tying the thread to the center of each thread segment in the second layer. You may continue this step as many times as you are able, until the circle in the center is as small as you desire. If you want a finer, more complex web, tie the first layer of thread to the ring at smaller intervals, therefore creating more thread segments to tie the next layer to.
  4. When you have completed the web, attach two 8” lengths of suede cord to the bottom of the dream catcher (the opposite side from where you started wrapping the ring) using a larks head knot. Then, decorate the cords with beads, feathers, or any other dangly decoration your heart desires!.
  5. If you desire, finish off the ends of the dangling suede cords by wrapping the tip in some kind of trim or ribbon and securing with hot glue.
  6. The excess suede cord coming from the top of the dreamcatcher will be for hanging it. Bring the end of the cord down to its base, creating a loop. Secure with hot glue.

This is a perfect bohemian-themed accessory to any room, and it also has that personal touch that can make it a beautiful and sentimental as a gift to your loved ones. This is also a great crafting project to do with kids, as it can be as simple or intricate as you choose! Don’t forget to complete every handmade gift with a custom woven label to remind the recipient of your regard!