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Whites not White Enough Tips

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Everybody knows the feeling — that white shirt you love so much, or your favorite set of sheets, even your lucky socks — of your whites not being quite white enough. White is the most fickle of all colorways on almost anything, but this is especially true with garments.
By Abby 2019-01-11
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We come into lots of dirty, sticky, or otherwise stain-causing things in our day to day lives, all of which is the sworn enemy of that nice white dress shirt or that new white blouse. How can we make sure that our whites stay bright throughout their lives, so we can look bright throughout ours?

The answer, as you may have guessed, is using bleach, to remove stains and whiten our washes. But the real issue — and what really makes the difference — isn’t the brand of bleach or the fanciness of your washing machine, but in two things: you need to use hot water, and you almost definitely need to use more bleach! That’s right, in addition to its stain-fighting capacities, bleach plays a bigger role than you may realize in keeping clothes and linens clean. The antibacterial qualities of bleach allow white shirts to be more resistant to discoloration from sweating (a lifesaver for underarms and collars), and frankly, bleach won’t really have the capacity to whiten up a big load of laundry unless you use a lot of it. This is to make no mention of the scent.

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There are few pleasures in life like freshly laundered linen sheets, smell so fresh and clean that candles are made in its honor and the air freshener you have in your car it smelled half as good as your sheets the key here too, is a surplus of bleach. See, while bleach can whiten things we see with our eyes, it also kills bacteria that only ever affect the things we can’t see, but can very often smell more bleach ensures that the vast majority of all bacteria is killed, leaving behind only the clean fresh smell of the chlorine and cotton. For whiter whites and a life that smells the way, only candles can use more bleach!